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Commonly Asked Questions

This is a list of many of the questions with their answers that people might have about the upcoming changes

What changes are happening to services?
Concordia Lutheran Church is moving from 3 services on a Sunday morning to 2 services on a Sunday morning. The New Sunday morning schedule will be as follows:
  • 8:30 Traditional Service
  • 9:45 Bible Study and Sunday School
  • 10:45 Contemporary Service
Concordia will continue to have Saturday night worship at 5:00 as well.

When will these changes happen?
Concordia Lutheran Church plans on adopting this new schedule starting July 7.

What will the 8:30 service look like?
This service will be a service in the sanctuary that
follows the traditional divine service settings
that are found in our hymnal.

What will in between services look like?
In between services we will have a unified Bible Study and Sunday School hour. Multiple Bible Studies will run simultaneously during this hour and people from both services are encouraged to attend. Bible Study will also be accompanied by a time of fellowship with coffee and donuts.

What will the 10:45 service look like?
This service will be a contemporary service in the sanctuary. It will follow the normal order of worship and feature contemporary music.

Will Saturday night worship be impacted?
No. We will continue to worship weekly on
Saturday nights at 5:00.

How will this impact the sanctuary?
The impact to the sanctuary will be minimal. Some pews might be reorganized to make room for additional instruments, but these changes should not have a large visible impact.

Will this make our services too crowded?
Historically, Concordia has had services that had a regular attendance of 450-500. Today, our largest services generally stay around 200 people. We anticipate that our average worship attendance for a service after this change might approach 325 people, which is well within our seating capacity.

Why is Concordia making this change?
There are numerous advantages to this change.
These include, but are not limited to:
  • Greater unity within the congregation
  • More opportunity for fellowship
  • A simpler schedule for Bible Studies and Sunday School
  • Better pastoral care available for all service times
  • The elimination of multiple logistical challenges of holding overlapping service times
  • More excellent music in all services as we consolidate resources and collective talent
For these reasons and others the pastors, ministry team,
Board of Elders, and Board of Directors truly believe that this change is what is best for Concordia.

If I have more questions that were not answered on this document, how can I get them answered?
The best way to have questions answered is to come
to one of our informational town hall meetings.
These meetings will be designed to give you the
chance to ask the pastors and ministry team
questions about this vision.
The schedule for town halls is listed below:
  • Monday February 26th 6:30 pm (Sanctuary)
  • Tuesday February 27th 12:00pm, 6:30pm (Sanctuary)
  • Thursday February 29th 12:00pm, 6:30pm (Sanctuary)
In addition to this, please feel free to reach out to either pastor to schedule a meeting if you have more serious questions or desire a longer conversation. You can also email either of us at or
  • Concordia Lutheran School
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
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