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Worship Music

Worship Music comes in many forms at Concordia:

From the classic organ hymns of our traditional Sunday 8am worship to the contemporary Christian music of our Hearts Together service held at 9:15 in the gymnasium.  Our Saturday, 5pm worship music is provided by

the Concordia Praise Singers (3 weekends per month) and the Concordia Worship Ensemble (1 week per month). The Concordia Adult Choir also raises the Lord’s name in song in several services each month. 

If you would like more information on any of these groups, click on the links below to email the group’s director.


Tim Taube 


Carol Stiles               

Brian Koehneke       

Gary Gerke               

Concordia Musical Director, Organist 

        & Director of the Concordia Adult Choir

Director of the Praise Singers

Director of the Hearts Together Band

Director of the Concordia Worship Ensemble.


For general information, please contact Chris Waldron at

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