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VBS (Vacation Bible School)

Concordia provides a wonderful one-week long VBS program each summer.  Currently VBS runs in the evenings but has also been held during the days.  Crews of children from age 3 through the 5th grade are partnered with amazing volunteers to go through the day together, learning about their Lord, celebrating His creation, and sharing fun and faith!  Activities include story time, games, snacks, music, crafts, even science experiments, all part of the God-inspired and fun-filled week!  Each summer’s theme is a different, but engaging focus of faith, an exciting blessing for children and volunteers alike.


Christmas VBS - A Birthday Party for Jesus!   The second Saturday in December is the time for our very special, one-day, free of charge VBS.  It’s similar in set-up to our summer VBS but focuses on preparing hearts and minds for the celebration of our Savior’s birth.  Parents can enjoy a day away to get errands done, or come join their children for a day filled with songs, fun and celebration!  This event is a wonderful, low-pressure opening for students to invite a neighbor or friend along for the day and share the important message of the Messiah’s birth. Students age 3 through 5th grade are welcome to join us for the day.  This event often corresponds with a congregation sponsored Red Cross blood drive for adults.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Langleigh Cummins at

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