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Senior Adult Bible Study

Concordia's Senior Adult Bible study is a time of spiritual growth in the Word of God combined with a lively, social interaction and fellowship.


The group is led by our Care Minister, Kim Pape and meets each Wednesday at 10:00am in Concordia's Centennial Hall.

 You are welcome to drop in any time, or contact Kim at




The present generation of senior adults has probably gone through more changes in their lives and in society than any previous generation. Through it all, they have depended upon their spiritual strength to manage the changes, the losses, and the challenges that these have brought. Although the experiences of loss can and does happen at any time in life, in the later years, these losses seem to mount, including the loss of a spouse, a serious illness that leaves them with a disability, the possibility of being cared for rather than giving care to others, and finding themselves unable to do some of the things that gave life meaning and brought joy to their earlier lives. Because of this, continued spiritual growth in senior years is crucial.





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