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Prayer Chain

Concordia’s Prayer Chain is a traditional telephone prayer chain for member’s concerns.

Completely volunteer coordinated and staffed, the Prayer Chain is fueled members who are committed to holding up people as part of their daily prayers. They are linked, like a chain, to one another so that the needs for prayer can be passed on to all the members of the chain.


Requests are received from anyone at all who feels in need of prayer, or who might have a relative, friend or person they are concerned about, or an issue that they wish to be remembered in prayer.


The Prayer Chain is a completely confidential process. Members of the prayer chain may only pass on information to other prayer chain members directly. They will not leave messages on answer phones or leave papers about in church to be picked up by colleagues.


To make a request for prayer, or to inquire about becoming part of the Prayer Chain, contact Kim Pape at

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