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Opportunities to grow in God’s Word are provided each week during our “Grow Hour.”  Sunday School classes, our Faith Walk Bible study, and adult Bible study classes are offered from 9:15-10:15 Sundays throughout the school year, with the adult class meeting throughout the year. 


Children and teens meet in age-appropriate groups with loving, certified volunteers.  Currently the pre-school and kindergarten classes are using the “Growing in Christ” curriculum, while grades 1-4 are using the “Hands-on-Bible” curriculum.  Both the grade 5/6 class and our Jr./Sr. High Faith Walk (grades 7-12) utilize different stories, videos, projects, speakers, etc. as the basis for lessons, bringing the Word to life in fun and interactive ways.


Opportunities to Serve                             

We all have different gifts and different ways that the Lord has equipped us to serve His people.  Children’s Ministries has countless ways to get involved and be a blessing to the youngest of God’s kingdom.  What a wonderful way to affect the lives of children and their journey of faith! There are roles that involve lots of hands-on time with children, and some that involve virtually none at all.  Whether a front-line job or a support position, all pieces fit together to serve our God!  Please prayerfully consider how God is leading YOU to get involved, wherever it may be! We are BLESSED to be a BLESSING!

To connect with Sunday School, please contact Wendy Simpson at

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