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Send a Costa Rican Child to School


The mission is to have members of our church “adopt” a student/family in Alajuelita Costa Rica to send or help the child the stay in school.

The cost is $200 per child for one year of school.  The money will buy all

the school essentials that the families cannot afford. (School uniforms, shoes, pens, pencils, notebooks, backpack, etc.)


99 children need our help and we are working with Pastor Efrain and his congregation in Ajajuelita. The Costa Rica school year runs from February to November, so Concordia’s effort will run throughout November 2015 to fund the 2016 school year.


Stop by the table in the narthex beginning November 1st to speak with Scott Davis or Mike Stout.  Please keep this effort, as well as the Costa Rica students and congregation in your prayers.

“Everyone to whom much was given, 

of him much will be required”

Luke 12:48

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