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Join us every first and third Sunday of the month

at 6:30 pm in Wolf Arena for BuildUP!

Q:  What is BuildUP?

A:  BuildUP is a new opportunity here at Concordia to be engaged in our community of faith.  It is basically a time for God’s people to enjoy fellowship and Christian music. 


Q:  Is it a worship service?

A: No!  BuildUP is not intended to be a worship service nor was it created with that idea in mind.  Sure, we suppose you could say it’s “worshipful”, but BuildUP is by no means a replacement for our normal services here at Concordia.  It’s just a bunch of Christians coming together to play and sing music!


Q:  What can I expect?

A: The hope is to play about 10 or so songs and have a brief Bible Study.  There will be light refreshments as well.  It’ll probably last around an hour and a half, but if you can’t stick around that long that’s ok; come for what you can!


Q:  Who’s invited?

A: You!  This idea was kind of an offshoot of our young adult group, since many of our young adults also participate in the band and/or tech, but it’s by no means limited to any one demographic.  All ages 


Q: I play an instrument/I would like to learn the tech side of things-

     can I participate?

A: Yes!  We’d love for people to use their God given gifts!  We welcome all instruments except the sitar.  That one just doesn’t seem to jive well with praise music .  Just let Brian K. or Pastor Peter know you’re interested in being a part of this ministry.  You may reach Pastor Peter at



For more information on REDEAM, please contact our church office at 260.422.2429.


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