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AV Team

The soundboard team controls and monitors all spoken and musical audio in the worship services and other special events.The soundboard team also records the weekly sermon at each Sunday 10:30 worship which is then available from this website.

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Christopher Waldron at


The Concordia Church AV team consists of volunteers who assist the pastors in delivering the audio and visual portions of services and special programs to the congregation.


The projection team creates and controls the projection of the weekly worship services. Concordia's 10:30  team utilizes the MediaShout software to project the Church service on the screens at the front of the Church. The team members create the services on their own time (usually at home), and then project the service

while attending worship. 

Slides for the Saturday 5pm worship are created by the Communications staff and the operator need only to advance the

Powerpoint slides.  This is suitable for volunteers with basic computer experience, including older students who can earn

service hours for this activity.



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